New Blood is a game development family founded by friends and run like maniacs.

We develop, we publish, we chur.

We wanna make good ish, not bad ish. That fine-dining type of ish. That cream of the crop type of ish.

That little tip of chocolate you get at the bottom of an ice-cream cone type of ish.

The type of ish you can take back home to your parents and say, "I wanna marry this ish".

That's the ish we wanna make, so it's gonna be the ish we do make.

The Family

Dave Oshry Julien Van Puten Geoff Keene Kate Colvin David Szymanski Andrew Hulshult Connor Moran Ted Anderson Stephen St Germaine Jeff Macalino Brian Grider Michael Taylor Leon Zawanda Simon Rance Simon Rance Nick Clinkscales Aaron Alexander Shaun Hammond